Sen. Bernie Sanders has consistently done very well in the polls regarding 2020, his initial fundraising take dwarfed that of his rivals for the Democratic nomination, and young people in student loan debt enamored with the idea of free stuff still seem to love the old white guy.

However, even liberal media outlets have acknowledged that Sanders has a long way to go to capture minority voters, and accusations of his 2016 campaign paying women less and treating them even worse made The New York Times in January. Check out these recent takes from BuzzFeed News and Vanity Fair:

As Rich Lowry wrote in Politico Magazine, “In the language of the modern left, the straight, cisgendered Sanders is burdened by his utter lack of intersectionality.” He’s an old white guy who doesn’t seem to be interested in pandering to identity groups; all he cares about is ruining everyone’s lives equally with socialism.

So more than a few people were amused to find that as he kicked off his 2020 run in Brooklyn Saturday, Sanders had as his warmup act a white reggae band, a favorite genre among college-age Bernie Bros.

First things first; it was actually a mixed-race reggae band:

Still, something about the words “white reggae band” and “Bernie Sanders” just seemed so right.

And if that wasn’t enough, who did Sanders have to verify for his bona fides on racial justice than “Talcum X” himself, Shaun King.

It’s popular among Democrats — which Sanders still is not.