Poll after poll after poll has indicated that the No. 1 choice of Democrats among potential 2020 presidential candidates is Joe Biden, who beats out Bernie Sanders every time, which is perfectly fine with us. We’re not fans of Biden’s policies, but he does seem to be a decent guy (when he’s not creepily sniffing women’s hair).

But Biden has to be careful if he’s considering running; he can’t slip up and say nice things about a Republican. Biden seems to have gotten himself in the doghouse with actress and would-be governor of New York Cynthia Nixon for some mild praise of Vice President Mike Pence.

What? According to actress Ellen Page, Mike Pence is to blame for poor Jussie Smollett being viciously attacked on the streets of Chicago by some homophobic MAGA rednecks.

If Mike Pence is America’s most anti-LGBT elected leader, that just goes to show why Smollett had to pay people to “attack” him. Did you see the way Pence freaked out when he had to swear in bisexual Sen. Kyrsten Sinema? The way he tried to force electrodes onto her forehead to shock the bisexuality out of her was just appalling.

But back to Biden — whatever respect we had for him just dropped several points after he “clarified” his comment:

So Pence is anti-LGBTQ rights? How so, exactly? Maybe after President Trump is impeached and removed from office we’ll find out.

Enough already. You’re gay, you’re married, you were almost governor of New York, and nobody cares.

Yes, please, stick with the all or nothing mentality going into 2020 … it’s going to be fun seeing 47 candidates trying to squeeze into that Oval Office chair.