Journalist and photographer Andy Ngo, who has done some excellent work shining a light on the extreme leftist thugs of Antifa and their violent tendencies, appeared Wednesday with Ben Shapiro and Sally Kohn on “The Dr. Phil Show” to discuss Jussie Smollett and hate crime hoaxes.

It sparks a conversation that drives Sally Kohn a little nutty, but that was no surprise.

“We don’t know what happened to Jussie” … she’s still going with that? It’s a bold strategy, Cotton …

Are they as reliable at tracking hate groups and hate speech as the SPLC? Let’s hope not. Anyway, that’s probably where the VICE writer got her statistics. Hey wait, it is:

Hell, how many times have we covered reports on this site of nooses being found at universities only to find out the scare was over a packaged shoelace or hooks for paper lanterns or a lightning cable ripped out of place after a tree limb fell. All of those made news. And then the campuses go on lockdown and they bring in counselors to remind students they’re in a safe space.