There was a minor boomlet a few minutes ago after a Twitter user posted a photo that went viral of what she reported was a noose on the campus of Louisiana State University. The “noose,” however, was really a “lightning cable” that broke loose after a tree limb fell on it.

Here’s the tweet, now deleted, that started all the fuss:

Here’s a screenshot of what was thought to be a noose:


As you can see, that’s a really long cable. Why would someone climb all the way up the tree to place a “noose” that high in the first place?

LSU’s official account even tweeted back to Perkins that they were on the way to investigate:

And found it was a “lightning cable”:

Flashback. There was a similar incident at the University of Delaware a few weeks back that turned out to be a false alarm, too:

‘Nooses’ spotted at Univ. of Del. after Katie Pavlich’s speech disrupted by #BlackLivesMatter protest [photos]; Update: Not a hate crime. Hooks were for paper lanterns


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