We’re on Twitter all day every day, but we’re still getting used to this new freshman class of “superstar” congresswomen responding to every slight and critique on social media.

Keep in mind that Bret Stephens is considered one of The New York Times’ “conservative” columnists, and Rep. Ilhan Omar has already come out siding with Russia, China, and Iran against the attempted “U.S.-backed coup” against Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro.

The trouble started when Stephens called out Omar when Maduro closed Venezuela’s borders to keep out foreign aid. (Now they’re setting fire to trucks full of food.)

Here’s Omar’s “clapback,” complete with screengrab:

So here’s another one (along with Sen. Chris Murphy and Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters) opposing foreign aid to the Venezuelan people because it’s all just a front for a military coup backed by the United States.

Does Omar know how many nations are behind this “coup attempt” by the Trump administration?

As Twitchy has reported, even socialist Bernie Sanders supports the aid effort in defiance of the Maduro regime.

And Stephens is being beaten up in the comments by what we presume are a lot of angry New York Times subscribers.