As Twitchy reported earlier Saturday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted that those criticizing her Green New Deal without putting forward their own plan to deal with climate change were just “shouting from the cheap seats” — and reminded them of who’s running the show now. “We’re in charge,” she said … but we’re not sure if the freshman congresswoman was using the royal we, referring to her fellow Democratic Socialists, or herself and her fellow superstar colleagues Ilan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

On-scale proposal? The one that would refurbish or rebuild every building in the United States and replace air travel with a national high-speed rail system? Ask California how quickly they managed to put together their single high-speed train to nowhere (that’s now canceled).

As we noted in the earlier post, a lot of people were unsure just whom she meant by “we,” but James Woods gave her a quick lesson on American civics and just who’s in charge.

Sit down and shut up? She’s telling Americans what’s acceptable to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; if you’re woke like she is, you have a banana and peanut butter for breakfast to save the planet. (No one tell her that fossil fuels are used to import bananas from South America.)

Nancy Pelosi already “forgot” to put her and her “green dream” on the House’s new climate change committee, and Dianne Feinstein is trash-talking her Green New Deal to brainwashed kids. Who’s in charge again?