As plenty of conservatives predicted Monday, there would be all sorts of charges of them pouncing on a Daily Mail story about Malia Obama enjoying a bottle of wine with some friends and having a secret anti-Trump Facebook page.

And the progressives did not disappoint. Conservatives who ignored Brett Kavanaugh getting blackout drunk in high school and sexually assaulting girls were “frothing at the mouth” over Malia Obama having some rosé just shy of her 21st birthday.

We already compiled a bunch of tweets in another post, but seeing as Ana Navarro is a Republican strategist of some sort, it really stings for her to put her fellow conservatives to shame. And yes, she filled out her BINGO card with a reference to Kavanaugh.

Seriously, name some names. Heck, name one name, preferably someone with more than 8 followers.

Yeah, the far-right Daily Mail broke the story.

And they yelled “This is MAGA country” as they hit the post button.

We see what you did there.

Just for the record, these are from Monday night:

Thanks for playing, Ana.