Now hey, that Jussie Smollett fiasco is starting to really look bad for a number of leftist politicians and numerous professional journalists. We need a good old fashioned manufacturedd freakout to distract everyone away from the culpability!

There are times when some may suggest a Journo-list-type marching order gets sent out in the left-wing stratophere when deflection is needed. Then, there are times like tonight, when it is proven as an ironclad assurance.

There is a methodology to generating these social media distractions

First, you place the innocuous story.

Step 2: Command select accounts on the left that ALL of the conservative universe are reacting EXACTLY in the same manner. Give them an equal example on the right to juxtapose, in order to “prove” conservative hypocrisy.

Step 3: Leftist media outlets run stories “reporting” on the outrage-that-never-was that everyone was not witnessing, but all were discussing as being horrible to witness.

Precisely. So for now the flying minions have been sent out to do the bidding for the media onslaught at sunrise…


Okay, at least there was an effort here at originality.

Now this is getting complicated.

When even the non-news is fake we may just be all doomed.

This feels all too accurate…

This is exactly the kind of crap that made us fight the redcoats!