Look, if “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett was attacked for any reason, that’s a terrible thing. But his family, in a statement, escalated things pretty quickly by calling the alleged attack an act of “domestic terrorism,” and news outlets like the New York Daily News ran irresponsible headlines like the one claiming, “Chicago police confirm they’ve found surveillance video of the homophobic, racist assault of ‘Empire’ star Jussie Smollett,” which turned out to be … this:

So far we have two persons of interest and surveillance video showing Smollett still clinging onto his sub even after the attack but no video of the assault, despite police having reviewed hundreds of hours of video from the area.

Again, we’re not saying Smollett wasn’t attacked, but there sure are of a lot of media outlets out there writing headlines as if the police had found the attackers and wrung out a confession. Forbes, for one, thinks the hate attack against Smollett is “emblematic of our time.”

If “emblematic of our time” means the media rushing to judgment without all the facts, then yes, it’s emblematic of our time.

Ruth Umoh, a Forbes staffer who writes about diversity and inclusion, writes:

Smollet told police in a follow-up interview that the suspects screamed, “This is MAGA country,” referring to President Donald Trump’s contentious campaign slogan.

“Throughout American history, there have been spikes in hate crimes when political rhetoric is racist and hateful,” says Jeffery Robinson, an ACLU deputy legal director and director of the Trone Center for Justice and Equality.

“When you see racist rhetoric emanating from the leader in the White House, don’t be surprised when you see these acts,” he adds. “They are a symptom of something uglier and deeper in American society.”

Blaming President Trump regardless? That too is emblematic of our time.

Word is he wouldn’t turn his phone over to police, even though he claimed he was on the phone with his music manager during the attack.

But their diversity and inclusion writer has to write about something.

The local Fox reporter is about the only one still keeping in touch with Chicago police as they continue the investigation. We’ll take his reporting over a Forbes think-piece any day.