Chicago ABC 7’s Rob Elgas has more details on the comically unhelpful photos released by the Chicago police of persons of interest in the alleged assault of actor Jessum Smollet.

First up, Smollett’s manager, Brandon Moore, is giving interviews and saying he was on the phone with his client at the time of the alleged assault and he “clearly” heard the “MAGA country” line and a racial slur:

Chicago police confirm this account:

But Smollett has reportedly refused to hand his cell phone over to the cops so they can “independently verify” it:

Well, that’s certainly interesting. Chicago Fox 32’s Rafer Weigel confirms:

Update 11:14.

Yashar Ali confirms as well:

As for the surveillance video of the persons of interest, Elgas explains here just how cops pieced together the timeline:

And there is video of Smollett with the rope around his neck:

As well as video that shows “what appears to be road salt” on his clothing:

And there’s this report out now from a neighbor who claims she saw a “redneck” with a rope before the attack:


We’ll keep you posted.