Well, this certainly narrows down the search to every male in the Chicago area. BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR EVERYONE WALKING IN PAIRS AND DRESSED FOR WINTER!

From the Chicago PD:

We don’t see any rope or bleach in the photos, but maybe that’s just us:

And they still don’t have any video showing the attack:

Police do admit the two might have absolutely nothing to do with the attack as well. From the Sun-Times:

“They could have been the perpetrators, they could have been witnesses, they could have been complete bystanders who didn’t see the incident at all,” Guglielmi said. “There are still a lot more cameras that we have to look at. It’s almost like a digital puzzle. You have to put all of those pieces together and kind of watch them at the same time.”

You know, video of Smollett after the attack would be interesting to see:

We’ll keep you posted.


NBC News reported this morning that there is video of Smollett entering the Subway before the alleged attack: