We’ve been missing something today here at Twitchy, and it’s tweets from Jim Treacher, whose Twitter handle is @jtLOL. Turns out he was suspended for — get this — targeted harassment, or “an attempt to harass, intimidate, or silence someone else’s voice.”

By calling that person a stupid liar.

Here’s Sean Medlock, who was kind enough to tweet on behalf of the suspended Treacher (wink wink, nudge nudge).

“You are a stupid liar” … “And I noted that you’re stupid because you’re stupid. Now quote Pence inciting violence.” Sounds legit to us. If you don’t let someone know they’re a stupid liar passing around fake quotes, how are they going to know?

We were assured back in July that “election integrity” was Twitter’s No. 1 priority and fake news was its biggest target.

To be fair, it was a conditional statement; you’re only evil if you can’t see Pence is evil, and well, dude’s evil.

Ah yes, the targeted harassment of telling laid-off journalists to learn to code.

Now we don’t know which was the targeted harassment: calling the stupid liar a stupid liar or using the name Learning to Code.

We’re going to have to be really careful with our headlines if “stupid” sets off the hate speech sensors.


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