Earlier Thursday, Twitchy posted a great thread by @AG_Conservative on the transition of the #NeverTrump crowd from a political movement to a cult. When “true” conservatives start advising Republicans to vote a straight Democratic ticket to “fix” the party, there’s something wrong. Think about it:

A lot of us were also surprised that Donald Trump, a man with no political experience, emerged as the Republican nominee in 2016 — but maybe it would take an outsider to drain the swamp. And then there was the small matter of the Democrats putting up Hillary Clinton.

So here’s another great thread by The American Spectator’s Melissa Mackenzie that stakes out some territory between the hardcore #MAGA camp and the #NeverTrumpers. It might be something we’d better explore considering the Democrat platform up there that conservatives like Max Boot would have you vote for just to stick it to Trump.

Yeah, that freshman class is something. Wait, we think we have a James Woods tweet that might fit here pretty well:

Oh, he just doesn’t like strong women, like Hillary.

Speaking of evil, we’ve been hearing a lot about it this week (well, with the exception of Democratic senators, all of whom seem to have missed Gov. Ralph Northam’s infanticide thoughts). Excuse us if we don’t join up with pure conservatives like Jennifer Rubin and Max Boot and vote for whichever of the 58 Democrats running is nominated.