It was only a few hours ago that Twitchy compiled some of the most unhinged responses to the Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie announcing she was airing an interview with Covington Catholic High School’s Nicholas Sandmann. Then the Today Show posted an excerpt of the interview and people became unhinged all over again.

Like we said, it’s only been a few hours, but the hate for Savannah Guthrie and Nicholas Sandmann keeps pouring in.

Here’s Sleeping Giants, the liberal collective that attempts to boycott companies into submission to its progressive principles:

Better boycott NBC, and MSNBC while you’re at it for good measure.

Here’s Jeff Jarvis, a journalism professor:

“Guthrie’s voice drips with white-on-white empathy.”

And here’s NPR’s Swole Porter, who’s the guy you write to at NPR to tackle your trickiest questions about how to navigate the world of race relations. (We’ve cut some of his tweets because he does go on a bit.)

Yes, amazing.

If Porter is concerned with boys being jackasses at the March for Life, here’s a good video that shows some really unacceptable behavior. (Language warning.)

Here’s CNN contributor Symone D. Sanders critiquing Sandmann’s first TV appearance.

And just for fun, here’s New York Magazine writer Rebecca Traister. No, she’s not responding to the Savannah Guthrie video, but she shares the same concern about young white men.

Ugh, and the interview hasn’t even aired yet … this ridiculous story will never die.

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This guy is verified, and he calls himself a comedian, but we can’t verify that he’s a comedian.