As we say all the time here, if you want an example of unhinged hatred on Twitter, just check out Dana Loesch’s timeline for one night. It’s almost to the point we’re worried for her safety not from some random psycho but from Tom Arnold, who really, seriously, seems to have a stalker thing going on with Loesch and her husband. If Jack Dorsey needs an example of targeted harassment on his platform, here it is.

Why is Arnold tweeting Loesch this time? Because he knows what the NRA is up to and he’s just going to tweet it out.

So … the NRA uses money to buy influence with lawmakers through campaign contributions; those lawmakers pass legislation that makes it so that bad gun buyers can get their hands on weapons to slaughter women and children; then gun manufacturers sell more guns to law-abiding citizens who want to defend themselves against the bad gun buyers.

Not that Arnold’s tweet makes sense anyway, but the NRA does not sell guns.

We’ll bet Shannon Watts is happy to have the enthusiastic backing of a celebrity of Arnold’s status. Why not shoot some ads for Moms Demand?

In any case, Arnold deservedly got the “God bless” send-off from Loesch: