A Twitchy reported earlier, the president and first lady’s official Christmas portrait has been released, and of course the anti-Trump crowd had a fit. But a little TDS means more coming from a journalist like former CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien, who got her on-air talking points straight from Talking Points Memo. It seems the Trumps “forgot” their kid.

Yeah, it took about 10 seconds to pull up that photo. And that’s not the only one:

That photo accompanied a piece in Elite Daily explaining the one big difference between the Obamas’ Christmas portrait and the Trumps’, and it wasn’t that the Obamas had included their kids:

However, it’s worth noticing one key area where their two portraits aren’t exactly the same. Donald and Melania are standing shoulder to shoulder, holding hands, facing directly forward to the camera in a more formal stance, with a full picture of the hall behind them. Comparatively, Michelle and Barack stand close together at an angle with their arms around each other, and the camera is set in a close-up and more intimate shot.

That’s some hard-hitting journalism, but we do appreciate the writers acknowledging, “Honestly, whatever you think of the Trumps or their decor, that’s a nice photo.” See, that wasn’t so hard, Soledad.

Can you blame them?