Truth: “Black Panther” was a solid Marvel superhero movie, but we don’t think anyone should fret over it not winning Best Picture at the Oscars this year (although there was talk of creating a Best Popular Film category so something like “Black Panther” could win that). No, seriously, the New York Times was deeply concerned:

Yes, “Black Panther” really dug into some people’s consciousness, to the point where Rep. Maxine Waters gave a “Wakanda Forever” salute at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. (Wakanda is the fictional African monarchy ruled by the Black Panther). Sen. Kamala Harris tweeted a picture of herself standing in front of the movie poster.

And let’s pause to remember the woman who “carefully” didn’t buy tickets to opening weekend so she wouldn’t be “the white person sucking Black joy out of the theater.”

Now Christmas is coming and it’s time to break out the ugly sweaters, and retailer Forever 21 decided to showcase its “Wakanda Forever” Christmas sweater. Unfortunately, the public didn’t approve of the really white dude modeling it.

We mean, just look at this atrocity:

Forever 21 pulled the tweet after backlash online.

We guess the white model was sucking all the Black Joy out of the sweater.

“Wakanda Forever is not for you people to promote or profit?”  Look, it probably would have been a good idea to use a black model, sure, but 1. Wakanda doesn’t really exist, and 2. it and Black Panther were created by two Jewish-American men who profited by selling comic books.

Look at it this way, Forever 21: if you’d used a black model, you’d still have social justice warriors boycotting you for selling wool:

Wool forever!