In case you missed it — like the vast majority of Americans did with last year’s Academy Awards — the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences on Wednesday announced a few changes to the Academy Awards, including the addition of a new category: “outstanding achievement in popular film.”

Details on the award are forthcoming, but it appears the Academy is carving out a special award for movies that the public has actually seen in order to draw viewers back to that horrible awards show.

Actor Rob Lowe mourned the death of the film industry in a somber tweet:

It really does sort of boggle the mind that Hollywood can’t figure out how to make films that are both popular and artsy, yet they’ll never tire of shoveling money into a sure-fire flop/sure-fire Oscar nominee like that Ruth Bader Ginsburg biography.

Ben Shapiro also weighed in:

Who told!

Isn’t that the TV show where Meryl Streep called Harvey Weinstein “God”?

Uh oh: Some media outlets have stumbled upon the “Black Panther” conundrum:

We’ll see … stay tuned to see which films are nominated for the “outstanding achievement in popular film” award.

Editor’s note: “Black Panther” is not a legitimate best picture contender. It was OK.


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