Back in February 2017, a group called Everyday Feminism caught our eye with a $97 online course on “healing from toxic whiteness.” White women could study modules like, “The Cyclical Journey of Healing from Privilege” and “The Compassionate Activism Approach and First Practice of Noticing Toxicity and Acknowledging Multiple Realities.”

Now The Federalist is reporting that Everyday Feminism is at it again, offering the renamed “Healing from Internalized Whiteness” course that spans three days and costs $475.

David Marcus writes:

So what does “healing internalized whiteness” mean? According to the website, internalized whiteness is “…the trauma of people of European descent being turned into white people by white supremacy – and then being taught that whiteness is good, but it doesn’t exist.” There’s a lot of unpack here.

The very concept of healing internalized whiteness means that whiteness itself must be a sickness, or wound. Now, proponents would argue that they are not saying that being a white person is in and of itself a sickness, but they are saying that every white person has a condition, called whiteness, that is making them sick. It’s hard to see the real difference.

As Twitchy reported, white women really took the brunt of the blame when the midterms didn’t quite produce the blue tsunami progressives were expecting, with think-piece after think-piece popping up.

Now, see, you need the course more than anyone. We’ll get a GoFundMe going to pay the tuition.