“As a white person dedicated to social justice, you knew how racist Trump’s campaign was — but perhaps you didn’t know how capable so many white people, perhaps including your own family and friends, were of electing him.”

If that paragraph describes you more than you’d like to admit, Everyday Feminism has a course that might be just the cure for what ails you. For less than $100, participants can enroll in the online course, “Healing from Toxic Whiteness,” and hopefully free themselves of the baggage that is keeping them from fully engaging in anti-racism activism.

It is indeed an actual thing. As Emily Jashinsky writes in the Washington Examiner, the course’s $97 cost goes a long way toward limiting its accessibility “only to those people privileged enough to pay money and spend recreational time healing from fake ailments.” Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an option to take only selected modules, such as, “The Compassionate Activism Approach and First Practice of Noticing Toxicity and Acknowledging Multiple Realities.”

You won’t meet any new friends of color in the class, as it if offered in “a separate anti-racist healing space for white people” — people of color are invited to take “Healing from Marginalization” to assist them in “healing from the trauma of white supremacy.”