We’re certain celebrity lawyer Michael Avenetti, who promised Rachel Maddow he’d produce a 100-percent credible “witness and victim” for the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, thought he could get a head-start on his 2020 presidential campaign by helping derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Instead, he produced a client whose story actually made the other allegations against Kavanaugh sound even less credible: not only was Kavanaugh a potential rapist; he organized gang-rape parties in high school where he’d drug the punch.

So yeah, Kavanaugh came out of that mess looking like a fool, but the Associated Press reports that he’s making some serious moves toward a presidential campaign.

But first, he had a little legal matter of his own to attend to:

Oh, that.

But back to what Avenatti’s been up to:

Michael Avenatti held court last month with a dozen Democratic strategists in the main dining room at The Palm — a see-and-be-seen table at one of Washington’s most prominent power lunch spots.

Avenatti did most of the talking. While he offered few details about how he planned to raise enough money or hire the staff to run a presidential campaign, one participant and another person briefed on the lunch said he cast himself as one of the few Democrats who knows how to go head-to-head with President Donald Trump. The sources requested anonymity because they weren’t authorized to publicly discuss details of the meeting.

They also probably wanted to remain anonymous so they wouldn’t be harassed on the street by other Democrats.

Close … he actually did challenge Donald Trump Jr. to a three-round mixed martial arts fight. No, really.

And not even the Resist crowd seems interested. But at least he can count on CNN and MSNBC for plenty of free exposure.