As Twitchy reported Thursday, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh informed Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley that he would be in the committee’s chambers Monday as scheduled and remained “committed to defending my integrity.”

Why can’t accuser Christine Blasey Ford make Monday’s meeting as well? Well, for one reason that we hadn’t heard until Friday afternoon, Ford “doesn’t want to fly” and might have to make the cross-country drive from California to D.C. — this after Grassley had offered to fly committee staffers to California to interview her at a place and time of her convenience.

Now The Atlantic has published a piece explaining why it would be nearly impossible for Ford to make Monday’s hearing.

Elaina Plott explains:

The decision to testify, however, is only a small part of the battle. It’s understandable that Ford’s lawyers would blanch at the thought of a Monday hearing. According to sources on both sides of the aisle with knowledge of the process, 48 hours is hardly enough time to ready a client for a congressional hearing. From hiring the right counsel to simply understanding how to dress, preparing for a hearing is an endurance test in itself, requiring many days, if not weeks, to accomplish.

Excuse us? 48 hours?

Oh, and don’t forget “the power dynamic inherent in the room’s layout: Senators quite literally speak down to the witness from their dais, monitoring the witness’s answers closely with a timer.” That’s intimidating, and Ford will need time to prepare for that too, as well as the presence of photographers.

But … didn’t anyone read the piece? The hearing will be a very high-stress environment and a tenured college professor with a Ph.D. might not understand how to dress for a hearing.