As Twitchy reported Friday, the Senate Judiciary Committee released a letter signed by 65 women of all political parties vouching for the character of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh after Sen. Dianne Feinstein announced she was turning over to federal authorities a letter accusing him of something falling under the #MeToo banner and dating back to his high school years.

ThinkProgress reporter Aaron Rupar immediately floated the hot take, “GOP responds to assault allegation against Kavanaugh by pointing out there are women he didn’t rape,” so we can’t promise anything that low or journalistically irresponsible, but it’s close.

Journalist Garrett M. Graff, a contributor to CNN and WIRED, tweeted that the letter just felt “so slimy.”

Turns out the Senate GOP did not spend weeks lining up this list. The woman who started the letter told BuzzFeed she decided on Thursday to put together the letter of support for him and it all came together very quickly from there.

Even though it’s been explained, it still seems “quite strange” to Graff, the professional journalist who spread the completely false accusation that the GOP had been cobbling the letter together for weeks.

That was his first thought, yes.

Even the New York Times can write a better correction than this guy.