Comedian Norm Macdonald never went away, but he’s making a comeback of sorts with a new Netflix talk show, “Norm Macdonald Has a Show,” on which he says he wouldn’t be dipping into political punditry.

That doesn’t mean that political punditry didn’t track him down, and as Twitchy reported, Macdonald’s appearance on “The Tonight Show” was pulled at the last minute due to some remarks Macdonald made about the #MeToo movement that reportedly had senior producers on “The Tonight Show” crying.

Of course, it couldn’t have helped matters that, while not defending their actions, Macdonald called Roseanne Barr and Louis C.K. “very good friends.”

Maybe it’s just us, but that sounds like a sincere apology, but we’ll guarantee it’s not enough to let Macdonald off the hook. Remember the backlash actress Rose McGowan got when she asked followers to “be gentle” when it was her friend Asia Argento on the wrong side of a #MeToo accusation?

Writer Kat Rosenfield posted a great thread on the whole Norm Macdonald kerfuffle, accusing critics of stripping all context from Macdonald’s remarks in order to be as offended as possible.

She’s right, and social media doesn’t help: we’ve seen lots of scorching hot takes by people who clearly never clicked through to the article that supposedly has them outraged.

Oh man, has New York Times columnist Bari Weiss been on the receiving end of exactly what Rosenfield describes. That’s what you get for ruining a perfectly good liberal safe space like the New York Times opinion page.