Recently, comedy legend Ruth Buzzi advised the public not to look to actors for political wisdom. Fellow comedian Norm Macdonald appears to be taking that advice to heart with his new Netflix talk show, “Norm Macdonald Has a Show”:

More from the Hollywood Reporter:

What sets Norm MacDonald Has a Show apart from the current wave of comedian-hosted talk shows?

I decided very early on there can be nothing topical. Ever since Jon Stewart, late-night hosts have all been forced to become political pundits, you know? Even down to Jimmy Fallon. And he is derided for his treatment of Donald Trump.

Do you think Fallon has been unfairly criticized?

Completely. He is just all about fun and silliness. That’s what his audience wants. And then to be maligned for quote-unquote humanizing Trump. Funny, I thought he was a human. If you have the nominee to be president on your show and he is your guest, then he is your guest. Don’t have him on the show if you don’t want him.

What a concept.