Maybe it’s just because we’re not super-woke, but we don’t catch the “white power” hand signal (which resembles the “OK” sign) as often as some people who seem to see it everywhere.

We’re not claiming it doesn’t exist; this gesture from members of Patriot Prayer seems pretty blatant:

But at least one person zoomed in on his TV to catch a woman seated behind Brett Kavanaugh at his Senate hearing flashing the white power sign.

Will do.

Settle down, white nationalists … Kavanaugh’s got your back. At least that’s what we think she’s transmitting to cable news viewers across the country.

“Grossly rich” … gross.

Editor’s note: We didn’t try it.

We still don’t get it. Did they scope out where C-SPAN’s camera would be so a cable news audience would see it, or was she signaling to all of the white nationalist Republicans in the Senate to stick to their guns?

Even Resistance doctor Mary Laury, M.D. … um, Eugene Gu … weighed in.

We still don’t see it, but already has an article published on Bash.

* * *

As journalists go, Yashar Ali is among the straight shooters, and he’s not buying it either:

And for what it’s worth, Jake Tapper just retweeted Ali’s tweet.

Even Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star isn’t buying it: