Ah, Portland: the city that’s so marked by leftist riots that Politico Magazine wrote a piece about how it became so violent; the city whose mayor tried to get the feds to bar free-speech and anti-sharia rallies; the city where anti-ICE protesters built their own “fort” out of trash and had to be cleared out by the cops.

Yeah, being a police officer in Portland must suck.

It seems like obvious trolling that the group Patriot Prayer would have a rally in Portland of all places, but they did Saturday and were accompanied by “Proud Boys” as a counter to the antifa groups that were certainly waiting.

Christopher Mathias, who covers hate groups and extremism for HuffPost, was in Portland covering not so much the rally as the back-and-forth between police and the antifa.

It’s a good thread, but it’s a little long so we’re going to pick and choose a bit (the bus ride wasn’t that exciting.)

Don’t know about that; if Charlottesville was a Trump rally, then the Steve Scalise shooting was a Bernie Sanders rally.

The Democratic Socialists of America, among many others, weren’t happy to see the police protecting the Patriot Prayer rally from disruption.

This next guy in his bio links to the DSA Refoundation, “a caucus of revolutionary Marxists” active in the Democratic Socialists.

The side with the permit to hold a rally?

Without endorsing Patriot Prayer or the Proud Boys, can we just point out the folly of antifa still considering themselves anti-fascist?

You know, you could just stay home and let speech you disagree with happen.

Funny how the mainstream press, when it does cover events like this, just glosses right over the term anti-fascist without ever questioning it.

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Unfortunately, but not unsurprisingly considering it’s Portland, things got bloody:

If you want to spread a video around showing antifa in action, this is a good one: