Full disclosure: We originally were going to leave this one alone due to the conflicting stories and downright sensational nature of the story, but here’s the thing. Dr. Resistance himself, Eugene Gu, certainly hasn’t been shy about becoming a Twitter celebrity. He has 209,000 followers, contributed to HuffPost and The Hill, and successfully sued to be unblocked by the @realDonaldTrump account. (He has us blocked, though.)

But now Gu is caught up in some #MeToo shenanigans, and even progressive sites like VICE have written about it (though the writer makes it clear she’s sorry she had to):

The Daily Dot has also written about Gu, who says he’s told his side of the story to The Washington Post.

In short, Dr. Gu is accused of … well, it’s complicated. Here’s what VICE had to say:

But Gu remained vocal on Twitter. And last week, he catalyzed a string of incidents that pissed off even the doctors who had originally on been on his side. In a couple of tweets, Gu claimed that Dr. Glaumerflecken, the Twitter user and physician satirist who runs the GomerBlog, had a racist avatar. Several doctors responded, pointing out that what Gu was calling blackface was an opthalmoscope, a device used to check the eyes. The Twitter account @MaryLauryMD came to Gu’s defense.

Things then took a turn for the worse. On July 9, a Twitter user with the handle @DrMeowskis published a string of tweets alleging that Gu sexually harassed her and manipulated her by using the @MaryLauryMD account in secret. In a thread peppered with screenshots of the strange correspondence, the twitter user said she and Gu had been dating when he became too aggressive. And then, when they spoke less, she said he posed as @MaryLauryMD, someone who was infatuated with Gu.

Got it? If you’re interested in Gu’s defense, on Thursday morning he posted a really, really, really long and sexually explicit thread telling his side of the story, although he did admit to posing as Mary Laury on Twitter. Funny how the guy who was so adamant to be unblocked by the president’s personal account apparently had several, with several identities.

If you’d like to read Gu’s thread, it begins here and goes on forever:

Here’s where he admits to posing as Mary Laury, something he’d denied earlier:

Um …

And here’s the woman accusing Gu of using that fake account to manipulate her:

OK, that’s weird and creepy. And here’s where his accuser’s story begins:

But Gu insists he’s not to be lumped in with the #MeToo crowd:

In any case, the whole hot mess has compelled Gu to leave Twitter for a bit.

We’re not passing judgment one way or the other here; like we said, it gets really weird. But here we have a Resistance hero being exposed not by conservatives, but by the #Medtwitter community and some online detective work. We’ll let VICE wrap it up:

For now, at least 200,000 people are left wondering exactly who Eugene Gu is. Is he a progressive doctor fighting racism, anti-science crusaders, and the Trump administration? Or a Twitter troll who has relentlessly manipulated a woman he dated? The unsatisfying answer is: He could be both.

OK, we’ll admit some Twitchy favorites had fun with the story:

Yeah, ugh.