As Twitchy reported earlier, CNN described the protesters who descended on the microscopic “Unite the Right 2” rally in Washington, D.C., Sunday as “anti-hate groups,” despite an obvious hatred for the heightened police presence and several enthusiastic death wishes for President Trump.

Caleb Hull, director of content at Targeted Victory, thought journalists really ought to have paid more attention to the thousands of masked Antifa members drawn to the rally.

And yes, some came armed with prohibited items.

CNN hall monitor Brian Stelter thought that Hull should demand a correction from Fox News, which reported only about 200 Antifa members present.

Is Stelter obsessed with Fox News or what? First, Hull corrected the bit about them all being armed; second, he doesn’t work for Fox News; and third, he obviously wasn’t citing Fox News’s piece in his tweet, so what’s the point of Stelter sticking his nose in? Does he realize that he’s the only one in this conversation citing Fox News as a reliable source for crowd numbers?

Narrator: Stelter was not there.

Solid burn. A+.

And we thought it was Trump encouraging people to attack members of the press when in reality it was people who want the president dead attacking members of the press. Seems they’re a little camera shy, even with the masks.

Has anyone in the mainstream media ever used the term “alt-left?” We did a search of CNN’s twitter feed and came up with only this:

So there were probably zero members of Antifa there, seeing as the alt-left is just a made-up thing.

Threats made on video — really bright, lefties.