As Twitchy reported earlier, about 25 or so people showed up in Washington, D.C., Sunday afternoon for the “Unite the Right 2” rally, while protesters numbered in the thousands.

And despite the fact that the protesters chanted “f**k the police,” shot fireworks at law enforcement, and attacked a woman in a Trump shirt and just about anyone outside their circle trying to catch them on video, among others, CNN decided to deem them an “anti-hate group.”

The Daily Caller’s Benny Johnson was there in D.C. along with the protesters, and put to several of them the same question: “If Donald Trump showed up here, what would you say or do?”

Answers ranged from, “I would murder him, for the people,” to “Beat his ass,” to “I’d piss on his leg.” (What is it with liberal men and pee?) And Johnson got it all on video.

Johnson writes:

I decided to ask the protesters what they would do were they to meet president Trump. Specifically, I asked “If Donald Trump showed up here, what would you say or do?” The answers I received stunned me. In my short time at the rally, approximately one hour, half a dozen protesters looked into my camera and threatened to physically harm or “murder the president.”

Some said they wanted to “do him like Gaddafi” in reference to the Libyan leader that was dragged into the street, beaten and murdered by his own people.

Some protesters were armed as well. The masked man above had a visible knife tucked into his pants.

Love trumps hate, right?

Yep … they were rioting in Portland for days following the election and haven’t stopped yet.

Racist! So much hate.