As Twitchy reported earlier today, CNN’s Oliver Darcy wondered how Facebook could claim it was committed to dealing with “fake news” and yet allow InfoWars to have a Facebook page.

Conservatives pointed out to Darcy that 1) he works for CNN, which has spread its fair share of fake news on social media, and 2) banning InfoWars would be a slippery slope with no clear endgame in sight.

Facebook wasn’t tagged in Darcy’s tweet, but it did respond to his tweet about InfoWars Thursday afternoon, citing “the basic principles of free speech.”

We’d like to interject here with a rhetorical question: When, exactly, did Facebook become a hard news site responsible for fact-checking posts by its users? The answer, obviously, is after Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election and someone stumbled upon the term “fake news” to explain why.

Regardless, Darcy — who, again, works for CNN — wasn’t satisfied with Facebook’s answer. Does this guy turn around all the gossip magazines in the checkout aisle too to protect people from all the fake news?

Yes, what did happen to the whole free speech thing — like letting InfoWars have a page on Facebook without a reporter of all people questioning why it’s allowed. Again, when did Facebook become responsible for policing the news?

Or you could trust Facebook’s users to decide for themselves what’s worthy of following and what sources to trust.

We did mention that most of the social media giants, including Facebook, cite the Southern Poverty Law Center as a source to flag “hate speech,” right?

Lefties are up in arms because Darcy used InfoWars as an example of fake news, and they can’t possibly think of an equivalent Facebook page on the Left — not that most people on the Right consider Alex Jones a trusted news source.

Not surprisingly, Obama bro Tommy Vietor seems to be for censoring speech he doesn’t like.

It not analysis, but it is opinion — a vile opinion in many cases, but an opinion nonetheless. Why do so many people want social media to police the news when, say, ABC News can tank the stock market with a bogus report on Trump, and an NBC News reporter can leave up a debunked tweet for more than 24 hours before deleting it? And PolitiFact can take something that is 100 percent correct and rate it “Mostly True”?

And don’t get us started on CNN.

Oh, and P.S.: Hillary still lost, and it wasn’t Facebook’s fault.