PolitFact fact-checked a recent statement from Republican Josh Hawley, who is running against Sen. Claire McCaskill in Missouri.” The claim that’s at issue? Hawley dared say that McCaskill “voted for 100 percent of President Obama’s judicial nominees.

In a tweet accompanying the fact check, PolitiFact said a simple “yes”:

But then they got squirrely about it, calling the 100% accurate statement only “Mostly True”:

Our ruling
Hawley said, “Claire McCaskill voted for 100 percent of President Obama’s judicial nominees.”

Senate Republicans also approved Obama’s nominees with minimal objections 82 percent of the time, and McCaskill voted for most of Bush’s nominees.

Hawley’s statement is accurate but requires a touch of clarification. That’s our definition of Mostly True.

They are a joke. This was literally a one-word fact check yet PolitiFact dragged it out with this nonsense?

Don’t they see the problem here?

Is the sky blue, PolitiFact? Mostly true:

There’s a reason why people have lost trust in the media, and this is a big part of it:

This really isn’t a good look for them: