InfoWars is truly a cesspool of crazy, true story. If you’re interested in a story about vampire goblins or fluoride turning frogs gay then they’re right up your alley BUT they’re probably not the best site to go to if you’re looking for nitty-gritty journalism. Although to be honest, we’re not entirely sure that even exists anymore.

But for someone from a fellow ‘news outlet’ to complain that Facebook ‘permits’ Infowars to have a page on their platform is incredibly disconcerting, especially when that someone works for CNN:

If we’re going to play this game plenty of people could ask the same about CNN’s page on their platform.

Or actually ANY news site with a page on Facebook.

Talk about a slippery slope.

@AG_Conservative had two very good points to make on this:

And dangerous. Yup.

Insane and DANGEROUS.

Thought police, anyone?

Hrm … it’s on the tip of our tongue.

Where does it stop?

Imagine the fit Darcy would throw if someone at Facebook suddenly decided that CNN pushes fake news and removes their page from the platform. And let’s be honest, we have seen plenty of fake news coming out of CNN …

Thought experiment.

As opposed to ‘fake news’.

And c’mon, couldn’t the same be said of Infowars?


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