A couple of weeks ago, The Reagan Battalion was good enough to compile several Leftist meltdowns in one video after the news broke that Kennedy would be retiring. They were good enough AGAIN to compile the same sort of meltdowns AFTER Trump named Kavanaugh as his pick and the result is hilarious.

See for yourself.

The music is what REALLY makes it, doncha think?

Look at the reactions to this … they seriously can’t help themselves.

Give us a BREAK already, sheesh.

So many people need to remove the sticks that are stuck perpetually up their backsides, just sayin’.

Having concerns and freaking out like the world is ending are two very different things.

You know that face you make when someone is letting their dog walk all over your front yard to go ‘potty’ and they don’t know you can see them? Yup, just made that face.

This is PATHETIC. Seriously. Kavanaugh was likely the LEAST polarizing pick for Trump, and they’re still pretending that he will somehow magically take people’s health care away and lock women’s uteruses up.

Get a grip, people.

And thanks for making RB’s video even more spot on.


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