It amazes us that anyone actually watches The View. Perhaps Meghan McCain provides some sanity on the show, but c’mon, Joy Behar is absolutely unhinged. Some outlets have even begun to mention that Brett Kavanaugh isn’t quite as Conservatives as some Republicans would like, but that didn’t stop Behar from opening her giant mouth and sticking her foot in it, again.


From Mediaite:

Meghan McCain posited to Joy Behar — her frequent sparring partner — that Trump’s pick could’ve been worse.

“It is not Judge Jeanine Pirro,” McCain said. “Which I, at one point in time, thought was actually a possibility.”

Behar wasn’t buying it.

“He might just be a quieter version of Judge Jeanine,” she said.

True story. Trump could have nominated Hillary Clinton (we know, bite our tongues!) and hyenas like Joy would still be screeching about Trump because it’s not about the SCOTUS, it’s about how much they hate the president.

Not an unfair call to make.

Ha! Hey, we didn’t write the tweet … ok, so we used it in the story but still.

Too funny.

And not far from the truth.

Yeah, we just can’t.


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