You’d think Vladimir Putin would give it a rest after getting his puppet candidate, Donald Trump, elected President of the United States, but apparently, Russia just can’t stop meddling with American social media.

In the aftermath of the Parkland school shooting, CNN ran a piece attributing the rise in pro-gun and pro-NRA tweets to Russian bots. And when everyone was waiting for the Nunes memo to become public? Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Adam Schiff demanded to know if Russian bots were pushing the #ReleaseTheMemo hashtag.

Now, the same mysterious “bipartisan” group that linked those pro-Second Amendment tweets to Russia has both HuffPost and Salon convinced that the #WalkAway hashtag — encouraging fed-up Democrats to leave the party as it moves further and further left toward the edge of the cliff — is also a Kremlin operation.

If you’d like to read a pretty solid takedown of Hamilton 68, the so-called bipartisan site set up to track Russian social media activity — Twitchy posted Glenn Greenwald’s analysis back in February. Otherwise, just blame the Russians for stirring up another hashtag campaign.

Man, these bots are everywhere, even in the comments to Salon’s article.

Yeah, whatever happened to that investigation into whether #ReleaseTheMemo was the work of Russian bots? Seems Feinstein or Schiff would have shouted the results from the rooftops.

Hey, if you think the group behind Hamilton 68 is all liberals, boy are you wrong — none other than Bill Kristol is on the advisory board, and it doesn’t get more conservative than that.

Hey, c’mon now, let’s be civil. Salon doesn’t promote pedophilia on its site … oh, wait.