As Twitchy reported Tuesday, CNN’s Brian Stelter was quite intrigued by a new initiative in New Jersey that would allocate $5 million to support “civic information” — in part by using state funds to shore up local newsrooms struggling to stay afloat.

For a guy who works for CNN, Stelter didn’t seem at all bothered by the state helping fund news coverage. Aren’t they always complaining about how Fox News is actually state news now?

The Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard is also intrigued by the idea, and compared the dollars per capita spent on public broadcasting in other countries.

Yes, the wrong direction.

There’s only one way to interpret those numbers.

Anyone else remember when presidential candidate Mitt Romney was hounded by people in sketchy Big Bird costumes everywhere he went for wanting to cut PBS’ funding — and then “Sesame Street” inked a deal with HBO and went to pay cable? Good times.