As Twitchy reported earlier, both the Obama campaign and the lapdog media have responded to the president’s resounding debate loss Wednesday night by clinging desperately to Big Bird. Fortunately for them, hiding behind a large yellow puppet is made easier thanks to all of the volunteers happy to throw together a costume that vaguely resembles Sesame Street’s feathered multi-millionaire but ends up more frightening than Code Pink’s vagina costumes.

Earlier today we brought you this monstrosity spotted in Virginia, courtesy of Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter.

“Big Bird” also made it to a Mitt Romney rally in Florida, and Democratic Party Communications Director Brad Woodhouse was quick to alert the media to this critical development. It’s “an important message about priorities,” obviously.

Black Eyed Peas singer and Sesame Street guest has been tweeting vigorously in defense of Big Bird for days now.

It looks to us like these “Big Birds” are more likely to bring children terror and nightmares than joy and knowledge. Perhaps these concerned protestors could pony up for a licensed costume next time and send a few bucks to Big Bird that way.

ABC’s Rick Klein knows how to ask the tough questions.