As Twitchy reported, rapper Kanye West took to Twitter Wednesday to explain that, though he doesn’t agree with everything President Trump does, he considers Trump his brother and admits that they “are both dragon energy.” He also tweeted a photo of his signed MAGA cap.

It’s all too much for a lot of progressives to bear, and Barack Obama’s former speechwriter and “Pod Save America” host Jon Favreau demanded that people stop giving West attention.

Excellent burn. A+.

Anyone else remember this? “To Kanye & Kim — Thanks for the support.” We don’t remember any complaints back then about West being an attention hound.

So West, a mega-celebrity who’s released several platinum and multi-platinum albums, is suddenly “desperate for attention?” And decided to express that desperation by tweeting that he liked the way Candace Owens thinks, thus becoming an “alt-right darling”?

Come on — it really is repugnant that West isn’t allowed to express an independent thought without his mental health being questioned.

We don’t.


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