As Twitchy reported, college senior Brenna Spencer started a mini-trend of sorts of women posing with their firearms after she turned in a “controversial,” liberal-triggering graduation photo of herself in a pro-Trump shirt and sporting a handgun in her waistband.

Piers “Musket” Morgan thought enough of Spencer’s photo to ask if she graduated in “imbecility,” but that certainly wasn’t the worst of the backlash. Dana Goldberg, an LGBT comedian we’ll admit we’ve never heard of, took issue with anyone posing in solidarity with Spencer.

That’s some good concern trolling there, although Goldberg’s followers seemed to have fun with the idea. Lots of liberal tolerance on display here.

Keep checking the humor section of the local news and keep your fingers crossed!

We’re pretty sure these women know how a trigger works. Or maybe they should be limited in their self-defense to peeing themselves and maybe carrying a miniature baseball bat.

Ladies and gentlemen, the comedy stylings of Dana Goldberg and followers!



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