Parkland school shooting survivor Emmz Gonzalez is one of the selected stars of the #NeverAgain movement, and of course, she held a keynote position at Saturday’s #MarchForOurLives in Washington, D.C.

For what it’s worth, her position on gun control is pretty clear: “just remove the guns that cause the most carnage” — it’s so simple.

In what many will call one of the most powerful moments of D.C. march, Gonzalez stood quietly on stage for 6 minutes and 20 seconds, the time it took for the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting to unfold.

You can look at that two ways, of course … the first being the ease of reloading an AR-15, particularly when no one in a gun-free zone is stopping you (hey — they’ve proposed banning everything but revolvers and bolt-action rifles). And that brings us to our second point: wasn’t there an armed school resource officer on duty at the school when the shooting broke out?

You know what would have been nice to have heard during that 6-minute, 20-second time period? The school resource officer entering the building and engaging the shooter … then the moment of silence might have been a lot shorter.

One more time: There was an armed deputy stationed AT THE SCHOOL when the shooting started.

Will anyone ever hold the Broward County Sheriff responsible for his part in what happened that day? Any new CNN town halls coming up where the sheriff could re-tell his story?

Imagine how quickly this could have been over if the deputy assigned to the school had engaged the shooter, but no. Dare we even suggest it might have been over sooner if a teacher or administrator with a concealed carry permit had been allowed to carry that day?

But by all means, target the NRA.