First things first: we try to be sensitive when writing about the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting — they’re kids, and God knows they’ve been through a lot. However, they’re also kids backed up by a large number of established organizing groups, from Everytown to MoveOn to Planned Parenthood, and they’ve inserted themselves into the gun control debate without hesitation.

That said, the latest from Emma González really got us thinking — thinking, “How is this person being taken so seriously on Second Amendment issues?”

“Just remove the guns that cause the most carnage” — and, by that logic, leave the handguns responsible for record-high homicides in cities like Baltimore and Chicago. Funny how liberals are triggered when you interrupt their speeches about mass shootings with gun homicide statistics in the Democrat-run cities with the most strict gun control laws.

But we’re only talking about the guns that do the most damage, OK? Assault weapons if you will.

No, just the ones that cause the most carnage. The media has done its best to demonize the AR-15 as a “weapon of war” (with mixed results — remember the CNN reporter who test-fired an AR-15 and remarkably didn’t injure himself with his ridiculous shooting stance?).

And remember when Shannon Watts was up in arms (no pun intended) over a bolt-action, .22-caliber rifle? But no, she doesn’t want to ban those; well, maybe the scary looking black ones.

Hey, what do concerts, churches, and malls all have in common?

So just to check one more time — “just removing” AR-15s is going to be “simple”?

Damn those rapid-fire full semi-auto guns that shoot multiple rounds of bullets and have chainsaw bayonet attachments. Ban those first.


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