The “impeach Trump” crowd has been worried that the president will fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller for months and months now, and the recent firing of the FBI’s Andrew McCabe (by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, not Trump) seems to have reignited those fears.

On Tuesday evening, Sen. Jeff Flake (calling himself “we”) took to Twitter to literally beg Trump not to fire Mueller and thus create a constitutional crisis — the remedy to which would be impeachment.

Well, since he begged and all.

A Republican senator, or just a Republican — because there are plenty of #NeverTrump Republicans who haven’t been shy about calling for impeachment either.

We’re sorry, but “Jeff Flake” and “significant development” in the same tweet? We’re just not seeing the connection. The Sen. Jeff Flake who’s not running for reelection? The Jeff Flake who urged President Trump not to #ReleaseTheMemo? The Jeff Flake who compared Trump to Stalin?

At this point we’d rather hear Rep. Maxine Waters do yet another impeachment rant on MSNBC — at least she doesn’t beg.

Kasich/Flake 2020?