If airlines dropping their discount programs with the NRA won’t stop the next mass shooting, we don’t know what will.

Here’s something that will do even less good: pressuring streaming video services to drop NRA-TV. As Twitchy reported last week, Moms Demand’s Shannon Watts was trying to get that train rolling.

George Takei, who likes to share bizarre fantasies of phaser control at Star Fleet, is hoping his followers will get on board and sign a petition urging Amazon to drop NRA-TV from its offerings.

“Outrage without action is no better than thoughts and prayers,” he adds. Wow, the Left is really hostile to the idea of prayer, isn’t it?

Dana Loesch already recorded a great video pointing out the hypocrisy of First Amendment warriors wanting to silence the opposition, but it seems gun grabbers aren’t going to let freedom of speech stop their misdirected crusade against the NRA.

Remember all the think-pieces that were published after Trump was inaugurated? The hot takes like, “Maybe liberals shouldn’t be free-speech absolutists after all”? Thank goodness the founders made the Constitution so difficult to amend.

You want propaganda? You already got it with CNN’s show trial they called a “town hall.”