As Twitchy reported earlier, not only are gun control activists pressuring companies into severing their ties with the NRA; they’re also on a campaign to pressure streaming video services to dump NRATV from their lineups. Here’s gun-grabber Shannon Watts:

Plenty already pointed out the irony of Shannon Watts trying to attack the Second Amendment by targeting gun rights advocates’ First Amendment rights, but NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch already has a great video up calling out the #DumpNRATV crowd.

It’s an excellent 3-minute video that gun grabbers either won’t watch or won’t understand. And forget about the mainstream media picking up any clues about its obvious anti-gun bias.

So it’s OK to silence an organization that speaks for 5 million law-abiding citizens advocating for their own constitutional rights? Oh, wait, we forgot: the NRA is a “terrorist organization.”

We’ll allow it.

How about Nikki Haley/Dana Loesch 2024? The future is female, right?


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