It’s official.

It’s time for George Takei to board the USS Enterprise and boldly go where no man has gone before because OMG he is either a complete lunatic or deliberately trying to make the rest of us crazy.

What IS it with this guy?

First, there is no Star Fleet … nope. Doesn’t exist. Second, the Vulcans (if they actually EXISTED) would tell Takei his argument is not logical because he’s comparing a real situation a fake situation. Third, Klingons were the big government types looking to claim authority and basically destroying people who disagreed with their ideas, so clearly they’re modern-day Lefties.

Silly Sulu.



We get it George, you feel like you’re starting to lose traction since it came out that you may have drugged some young model to have your way with him, but this is just pathetic.

Officially and COMPLETELY!

But phasers! Star Fleet! Spock!

This is real life, Nancy.

That’s RIGHT! It’s so not real Beth here said it twice.

Time to put the Twitter DOWN, George.


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