How much do you want to bet that even if CNN held its town hall on guns this Saturday night, well after information emerged about how the Broward County Sheriff’s Office took up positions outside the school and waited, it would still end up the same way: Sheriff Scott Isreal would be cheered by the crowd as a hero and NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch would be escorted out of the building by (armed) security.

Why? Because for just about everyone on the Left, the narrative is set: the NRA is to blame for those deaths even more than the shooter himself — never mind the numerous red flags that were ignored by law enforcement.

Richard W. Painter, a law professor at the University of Minnesota, was obviously triggered by Loesch’s CPAC speech and thought he’d fire back with this:

He got that out of CNN opinion piece by Clay Cane? Who concludes by saying, “Guns terrify me. I am an American. I love my country, but Second Amendment rights should not threaten my right to live. I only wish there was more compassion for the other side of gun culture, which is about grief and death all in the name of profit”?

Painter also dropped this hot take: hardcore “pro-life” NRA members homeschool their kids and then try to make public schools shooting galleries.

Sure, let’s dig into some of the sexism and hatred tweeted by Painter’s followers:

Um, unless we’re terribly mistaken, the NRA came to her for her demonstrated expertise.


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