We’ve said it many times already, but we’ll say it once more: does anyone really believe gun control advocates will be satisfied if the AR-15 is banned? Because judging by the tweets we’ve seen over the past week, no one needs an AR-15, which gun grabbers like to call a “weapon of war” — but handguns are OK?

Either that or gun control advocates are trying to argue that the reason Broward County deputies took up positions outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School while kids were being shot was because they only had handguns while Nikolas Cruz was armed with the unstoppable AR-15.

Harvard’s Laurence Tribe is among those arguing that the AR-15 has no other purpose than to kill people, and he’s done his research:

It “easily” fires more than 10 rounds a second? And damn, those bullets go fast. More than 2,000 mph?

Got that everyone? The distinguished law professor says “don’t get hung up on the immaterial details.”

So excuse us if we get hung up on details, but we’re now supposed to ban firearms depending on how fast the bullets fly? We can’t believe people are actually making this argument rather than pointing the blame where it belongs.

But Tribe did his research, you know. That’s where he got the 2,000 miles per hour number, certainly.

OK, everyone, let’s not get hung up on immaterial details just because our constitutional rights are under assault.


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