As Twitchy reported, blood is boiling across the country this evening as news emerges that the armed sheriff’s deputy assigned to Stoneman Douglas High School “never went in” the building to engage the shooter. “He took up a position and stayed where he was,” admitted Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.

Is there one person in America who isn’t enraged with Deputy Scot Peterson? Well, maybe one. Los Angeles Times op-ed editor Juliet Lapidos feels for the guy. After all, the maniac inside had an AR-15.

Not everyone has the guts to face a maniac with an AR-15 … but the guy whose job it was to protect the school?

He was a deputy … he chose to resign and retire. Wonder why?

But hey … let’s make this guy’s cowardice all about the NRA, shall we?


‘UNBELIEVABLE’! Broward County Sheriff’s latest confession sets blood BOILING