As Twitchy reported, Sen. Jeff Flake took to the Senate floor Tuesday to remind President Trump that “treason is not a punchline,” after the president said it was un-American and treasonous for Democrats to refuse to applaud good news at the State of the Union address.

Ben Shapiro tried to console Flake, who announced a while back that he’s not running for reelection this year.

Solid burn.

Some people think Flake has an eye on the White House in 2020, but a gig at MSNBC would be a good way to build a rapport with his core audience of liberal Democrats and get some name recognition.

Trump’s comments were ridiculous, and nothing the Democrats did that night resembled anything like treason. But Trump was playing off his audience — something that went a long way toward his being elected.

That goes for both sides, certainly.

Can we all get a grip? We know The Resistance certainly can’t. The media have no interest in getting a grip, either — gotta stretch that comment to fill a whole week’s news cycle. And we really don’t think an off-the-cuff remark during a speech is grounds for censure, no matter what Bill Kristol thinks.

You have to admit … the look on Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s face during the State of the Union was priceless.

Yep … and they’ll call it “The Right View” or something like that. Check out our panel of conservatives!

We’re old enough to remember Rep. Al Green calling for an impeachment vote over the alleged s**thole comment, and Cornell law professor Josh Chafetz explaining just how that comment was an impeachable offense.



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